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Hi guys, here are the event certificates for the participants. You can download the images from Google Drive here.

Your Story in Summer Camp Book

Hi guys, please check your story in our Summer Camp Book. Here is the draft v3 version. If you find anything wrong, please let me know. Thanks!

Some Updates

Hi guys! Here are some updates: I’m currently making the event certificates. Ardelyla and Yosua – please message me your full name. @azleila @priskawidiyantoThere are some of you who haven’t submitted your story text for Summer Camp book. Due date is this Saturday 10PM. @margarethham @shfazizah @kenzieizwar (alisha)If you want a custom short bio included…

Awesome Cabin

These are the most AWESOME people. They work side by side day and night to make their cabin to be the best. They’re not afraid of crocodiles, bears, and snakes. They will swim the lake and climb the hill just to help their cabin mate. Wonderful friends. Congrats @luvkoala @airakirani1201 @lilycookieuwu @slebhou74 @azko17 @alfarisite @seterahmaudipanggilapa…

Cool Idols

Lalalala black pink black pink… ahem! No, they’re not KPOP-ers, guys xD They’re the unsung heroes of the fantasia kingdom, defenders of the light, running through the battlefield of orcs, goblins, and dragons with their sword and shield–wait. Wrong script! Okay, fine FINE. They’re like the Avengers, okay, only much cuter. SO THERE. Congrats @luvkoala…

Scouts Wannabe

Even though they run into crocodiles, bears, and snakes, they are the true fighter. Even when they face many challenges during the project, these people manage to write their stories! Awesome scouts! Congrats @websitebelajarwebsitekodingdanlainlain @idasssw @kenzieizwar @shfazizah @priskawidiyanto

Happy Camper

Can you finish at least 3 challenges every week? Of course! Some of these people even almost complete all of the assignments, just missing one or two days! Let’s dance with the Happy Campers! Congrats @authorshaa1487 @azleila @arnaraliviuselsyifa @thiara26 @khalisa091 @slebhou74 @zefanyakuspriyatna @melvinachen @sarahtanujaya @seterahmaudipanggilapa

Guardian Keeper

They are the guardian of the galaxy–err, I mean, they’ve completed all the challenges! Even though they have to stay up until past midnight (or do a double post the next day), they WILL get the job DONE! OO YEAH! Congrats @ahsanzs @airakirani1201 @azko17 @alfarisite @umminadira @yazidanayla @shiladj @tiaramediarto

Honored Chieftains

Congrats to all of the Honored Chieftains! They’ve worked hard everyday and managed to submit their story on time! Woo hoo! You guys nailed it! Congrats @luvkoala @lilycookieuwu @aqilmenulis @xxaka47xx @daniarafeylisa @margarethham @reginaaesther @institutcahaya


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